DotPlant2 documentation

Example of creating a custom widget

It is understood that the already established a new theme, as described here

In the folder application/web/theme/module/widgets create a folder for the new widget NewWidget

In Widget.php create a file with the contents of


namespace app\web\theme\module\widgets\NewWidget;

use app\extensions\DefaultTheme\components\BaseWidget;

class Widget extends BaseWidget
    public function widgetRun()
        return $this->render('new-widget');

Next, create a folder views, and fill in the file new-widget.php with content


Adding a new widget interface

Go along the path of DefaultTheme/backend-configuration/index, tab All Widgets Press Add Fill in the fields:

  • name: NewWidget
  • widget: app\web\theme\module\widgets\NewWidget\Widget

In the Applicable parts choose the public part of the topic will be available widget. For example, select Left Sidebar Press Save.

Then you need to insert a widget in one of the variations of the theme. For example, to insert the Main page. Go to the DefaultTheme/backend-configuration/index tab Theme Variations In line Main Page select a blue button Show active widgets In the Left sidebar section will be available created widget NewWidget Choose this

Then on the main page in the Left Sidebar should be displayed