DotPlant2 documentation


In DotPlant2 realized the possibility of internationalization of your applications. At the moment there are 3 available language:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • Chinese.

Translation is carried out with the English language to a specified during installation. You can edit the files in the Setting/I18n in CMS administration panel. The first thing that you see in this section - a list of available translations and click “Edit” next to each of them.

Translation editing window consists of the editor, the checkbox Sort by source messages andSave button. By default, files are not available for recording (as reported by the window over form). It is necessary to ask for them by the owner who runs the Web server (usually www-data). After that, this feature is available.

If you need to add your own expressions and translations for them, it is better to create a category of translation and work with it. More information can be found in Documents Yii Framework2.