DotPlant2 documentation


DotPlant2 default creates thumbnails for uploaded images, the size of which is specified in the basic module settings. Sizes can also be set to be used in the outer part of the application.

To set a different thumbnail, go to the menu Image/Thumbnail Sizes administrative part of the CMS.

On this page you can see a list of thumbnail creation sizes, create new, edit or delete existing ones.

Consider the shape of the field to create or edit the thumbnails:

  • Width and height of thumbnails in pixels;
  • Watermark default - the image to be superimposed over the thumbnail (only available if you select Use water signs in the settings);
  • Resize mode - the way you need to insert the image in the specified proportions. Inside - at the maximum side (the image is inserted completely, the missing edges are transparent) Outside - at the lowest side (image completely covers the specified square, cut off the excess edges).