DotPlant2 documentation

Working with Images

To work with downloadable images in DotPlant2 implemented module Images. It supports various types of data storage (local file system, ftp, sftp, Amazon S3) and contains a number of functions (create thumbnails, add watermark).

you need to make base module settings for the correct operation of the application. This is done in 'Settings/ConfigCMS admin panel tabImages`.

Shape setup is divided into several sections: the basic configuration and file system components.

Consider the basic settings:

  • Use watermark - includes support for watermarks;
  • Default thumbnail size - size format {width} x {height} pixel thumbnail image, which is created by default;
  • No image src" - a reference to the image displayed when the image does not exist in the file system, or can not be accessed;
  • Thumbnails directory - the directory in which the thumbnails are created;
  • Watermark directory - the directory in which the loading watermarks;
  • Default Component - a component of the default file system for storing images.

Blocks FS components are configured similarly to creocoder/yii2-flysystem.

Additional functionality is configured in 'Images` administrative panel.