DotPlant2 documentation


DotPlant2 provides an opportunity to leave a comment for this page, category or product. The widget allows you to specify arbitrary fields to fill and your output format. Left Review appears on the site only after approval by the moderator. For each form you can specify a set of e-mail addresses which will receive letters about the new review. To reduce SPAM messages can be set up through the test yandex clean web or akismet.

View comments and their approval is made​in section reviews the administrative panel. Reviews can be filtered and sorted as desired. By default, all of the comments displayed in reverse order (the most recent on top). Review approval or disapproval can done be directly in the list of comments, or by going directly each review detail.

In addition to the completed form fields, you can also view other useful information on each comments (eg, the user’s browser and IP-address).

Configure the widget’s reviews examined here.