DotPlant2 documentation

Delivery Methods

Among the basic CMS DotPlant opportunities - management options for the delivery of goods ordered by the user.

By default, there are three delivery options:

  • Courier delivery;
  • Pickup;
  • Free delivery in Moscow at the order of 2500 r.

Points are added and edited from the administrative part of the site. To get started with the delivery options you need to pass the address Shop - Delivery Methods. Then go to edit the selected item and fill in all required fields:

  • Name - required field. The name of the delivery method.
  • Description - mandatory field. Brief description of the method of delivery.
  • Price from - minimum cost of delivery method chosen. It will be shown in the description of the method of delivery;
  • Price to - the maximum value of the chosen method of delivery. It will be shown in the description of the method of delivery;
  • Cost - the cost of delivery, which will be taken into account when ordering the user and adding to the total amount in your shopping cart.
  • Sort - an integer indicating the order of output of the current mode of delivery in the list of methods on page - the ordering customer.
  • Active - switch responsible for the activity you are editing method online.

User-configured delivery methods are available for selection in the second step in the checkout basket. By default, they are displayed as a list of radio. If the user-selected delivery method has the established cost of the field, then this figure will be added to the total cost of items in the cart.