DotPlant2 documentation

Check for Spam

DotPlant2 implemented verification forms sent to the spam, which checks fields of forms and comments on the existence of a “suspicious” data and only sends scanned data alerts. This helps you to immediately discard “spam” and do not spend time on them.

To set up, follow these steps:

  1. In the administrative section, select the property group which is responsible for verifiable form.

  2. Edit the field “to interpret as” properties of the form as follows:

  • “No” - then do not check box for spam
  • “Username” - the field is responsible for the name of the sender
  • “Content” - is contained in the message content
  1. Go to “Settings/Config” tab. At the core is a group of settings tab E-mail. In the Spam Checker Api Key you need to select your preferred method of verification (“clean web” from Yandex and “Akismet” of WordPress).
  2. Then go to “Settings/Check for spam”, select the method of verification is included and specify the API key for it.

This spam protection setup is complete.