DotPlant2 documentation

DotPlant2 installing

Minimal system requirements:

  • PHP 5.5.9
  • server with *nix operation system (tested on Ubuntu 14.10)
  • MySQL 5.5+
  • we strongly recommend to use a Memcached or a APC.

Required PHP modules:

  • gd
  • json
  • pdo, pdo-mysql
  • memcached (for memcache cache only)
  • curl
  • intl

A full CMS DotPlant2 installation process has been written here.

Downloading and installing

Clone a git repository:

git clone [email protected]:DevGroup-ru/dotplant2.git

Set your application web root directory to


Go to application directory and execute next commands:

php ../composer.phar global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.0.0"
php ../composer.phar install --prefer-dist --optimize-autoloader

Open in your browser YOUR_HOST_NAME/installer.php and follow instructions.

Installing example for Ubuntu 14.10

An installation example is located here

Demo data installing

How to install a demo data